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First impressions are long lasting; especially when those initial impressions determine whether a potential buyer likes the way your home looks in internet pictures. These days buyers direct much of the home shopping process by browsing themselves and then telling their agent which properties they would like to tour.

One of our specialties is creating the most appealing home by accenting its strengths and making it shine. Staging is the tool that makes your home stand out from the competition. When your property stands out the result is more buyers touring it, more interest and ultimately more money.

Staging is a simple and fun process for the seller. We take care of everything and will collaborate with you if you have the interest. If not, we will come in and expertly fine tune your home so that it looks amazing in photographs and draws more buyers.

The best part? We offer this service for FREE. It is part of our customer service and it includes accessories, furnishing, and anything else needed to spruce up you space. Other companies charge thousands of dollars to the seller. Not us, we love doing it and are committed to helping you sell your home for top dollar.

Call us today and we can come and tell you the best way to package up your property so it is ready for the market.

Feel free to take a look at the examples of our work and Portfolio of closed sales. 

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